3D modelling

Creative Arts Workshop Classes Update

I had a great group today for my Beginning Photoshop Class at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. They started building a familiarity with the program interface and explored ways to interact with the software, via keyboard, mouse and tablet. The majority of this first session was devoted to learning the fundamentals of digital imaging, resolution, color spaces and bit depth as much as it was learning about Photoshop. Next week will be just as useful, but less abstract, as we explore the wide world of selection techniques. They will have to limber up like a concert pianist to prepare for the many keyboard shortcuts involved in making accurate selections! If anyone is still interested in attending there is still one seat available, (or you could BYOComputer), please contact CAW staff to sign up. The class will be running on Sundays from 1:30-4:30p through October 18th.

Unfortunately the Paper Modeling class will not be running this term. I will try again during the Winter or Spring session. I'm going to post a couple of videos of paper modeling techniques and some pictures of different types of models so that people will have a clearer understanding of what the class is about. In addition to being able to make really cool paper objects the class is a great introduction to basic CAD and 3D modelling concepts using free, open source, or low cost software. It is the kind of introduction that I wish I would have had before I jumped into 3D printing. 

Below is a picture of the Paper-crafted heads that I helped costume designer Steven Rotramel fabricate for the Yale University Repertory Theater's production of "Elevada" by Sheila Callaghan in 2015. Steven photographed the lead actor and mapped the still images of his head onto a 3D model that he built in Anim8tor. He flattened the texture mapped model in Pepakura Designer and printed it out onto 2-ply bristol paper using an  Epson 9880 inkjet printer. Multiple heads were printed and assembled and then embellished with foam core glasses and a scarf.  Seeing the actor dancing around a doctor's waiting room with a chorus line of big-headed doppelgangers was one of the highlights of a very funny production.

Elevada, Yale Repertory Theater, 2015. Photo courtesy of Steven Rotramel.

Elevada, Yale Repertory Theater, 2015. Photo courtesy of Steven Rotramel.