Hats Off !!

This is a preview of a hat (helmet?) design that I'm putting together for Hat's Off!, a fashion show / fundraising gala at Creative Arts Workshops in New Haven, CT. The inspiration for my hat is a traditional Russian headdress known as a kokoshnik. Originally the headdress was a modest cylindrical hair-covering popular among the middle classes. The simple folksy design transformed into a glamorous peacock plume of a hat, often adorned with pearls, jewels, and gold embroidery, when it was introduced to Central Europe by Russian emigres after the revolution.

Trisha Biggars, costume designer for all three of the Star Wars prequel films, included a lace-covered kokoshnik inspired headdress as a part of Padme Amidala's ochre-draped refugee dress in Attack of the Clones.

UPDATE March 01, 2017: I  finished printing the headdress in white ABS from IC3D on my Folgertech FT-5. . It is comprised of four separate parts. Here is a video of the print that shows a full 360-degree view. I put together the rotating stand with a small motor and a nine-volt battery to function as a display for another project.

You can see the finished 3D print at the Hats Off! gala which will be held on Friday March 3rd, from 6-8:30p at Creative Arts Workshops, 80 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT.

3D rendering of hat design for Hats Off! at CAW
3D rendering of hat design for Hats Off! at CAW.
Finished Headdress